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Last updated XI Martius 2001.

Danila Comastri Montanari

  • "Assassinio al tempio di Vesta",
    Lo specchio (weekly magazine of the newspaper La stampa, July 18, 1998
    [not available for review]

  • "Una dea per Publio Aurelio Stazio",
    Morituri Te Salutant
    Arriving at Baiae for a holiday, Aurelius discovers that his best friend, matrona Pomponia, has become very pious and is asking to be affiliated with Isis cult. But when the great Isis' priest is killed, poor Pomponia is suspected of being the murderer... [A Goddess for Publius Aurelius Statius] [not available for review]

  • "Un'eredità per Publio Aurelio Stazio",
    In Corpore Sano
    An old senator dies the day before the announcement of his marriage with a very young plebeian girl, who is pregnant with his child. In his testament he commends the girl to Aurelius... [A Legacy for Publius Aurelius Statius] [not available for review]

  • "Una filosofa per Publio Aurelio Stazio",
    Mors Tua
    Aurelius arrives at Herculaneum, guest in an enormous villa (N.B. the real life Papyrus Villa) and there visits the last members of a famous Epicurean school of philosophy. Here he meets the teacher Crisophorus and his followers: one of them is a very nice ex-dancer. But the old teacher is killed in his cubiculus.... [A Philosopher Girl for Publius Aurelius Statius] [not available for review]

  • "Il giallo del serpente",
    Lo specchio della stampa, February (febbraio) 1996, no. 4
    Delitto per iscritto (Florence (Firenze): Palumbo, 1997)
    An old woman intervenes to solve a jewelry theft. Set in Pompeii in 79 AD; all the settings are authentic based on the archaeology. [The Mystery of the Serpent] [not available for review]

  • "Una moglie per Publio Aurelio Stazio",
    Cui Prodest?
    Matrona Pomponia comes crying to Aurelius' house: a young girl has been raped, her family refuses to speak to her because she "has no more value" and the father of her boyfriend rejects the marriage contract. Hoping to recognize the rapist, Aurelius ask to marry the raped girl... [A Wife for Publius Aurelius Statius] [not available for review]

  • "Natale anno zero",
    Delitti sotto l'albero (Todaro Edizioni 1999) [not available for review]

  • "La notte dei triumviri",
    Una strada giallo sangue (Diabasis 1999) [not available for review]

  • "Una perla per Publio Aurelio Stazio"
    Delitti di carta, a cura di Renzo Cremante (Ed. CLUEB, 1997)
    Parce Sepulto
    Publius Aurelius Statius investigates the legend of a fabulous pearl and the related deaths of two boys. Set on the island of Ischia in 44 BC. [A Pearl for Publius Aurelius Statius] [not available for review]

  • "La prima inchiesta di Publio Aurelio Stazio",
    Cave Canem
    Just a few days before his 16th birthday, the young Aurelius is requested by his friend Paris – son of the family procurator – to save his father, who people think is a thief. Young Aurelius has a lot of difficulty starting the detection, but suddenly a messenger arrives with a important news: Aurelius' father has died and now the boy of sixteen is the new paterfamilias, with all of the power in his hands... [Publius Aurelius Statius' First Inquiry] [not available for review]
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