Novels in Romanian

Last updated XXII Decembris 2009.

Danila Comastri Montanari
2. In Corpore Sano
originally published in Italian as In Corpore Sano
The daughter of a Jew, a friend of Aurelius, dies of a hemorrhage. Knowing the philosophy of the Jews, Aurelius doubts the given story of deliberate abortion. Visiting gynecologists and midwives, he falls in love with a woman, the clever and Greek physician Mnesaretes. On the way, his inquiries lead to a famous bordello, where he knows a very particular prostitute... Second in the series. [not available for review]
3. Cave Canem
originally published in Italian as Cave Canem
In a villa on Lake Avernus, the mystic door to hell, three male members of Plautia family suddenly die according to the rhymes of a mysterious prophecy. However, Aurelius is an Epicurean and doesn't believe in miracles or prophecies. The inquiry is complicated by the presence of many dangerous women: Plautilla, an old senator's lover; Helene, a beautiful widow; her young daughter Nevia; the aristocratic matrona Paolina, etc... Third in the series. [not available for review]
4. Morituri Te Salutant
originally published in Italian as Morituri Te Salutant
When a famous gladiator is killed, Aurelius is required by the Emperor Claudius to investigate. Delving into the violent world of the arena, step by step, he discovers that the murder hides a dangerous conspiracy threatening the life of the emperor ... Fourth in the series. [not available for review] [full plot summary]
5. Parce Sepulto
originally published in Italian as Parce Sepulto
The strange death of a girl on the day of her marriage to a young grammarian brings Aurelius to investigate the teachers and students of Roman schools. Also involved is the victim's twin sister, Camilla, the wonderful wife of the worst senator's rival. Evidence seems to lead to the worshippers at the Bona Dea ... Fifth in the series. [not available for review]
6. Cui Prodest?
originally published in Italian as Cui Prodest?
In the slums of Rome, a serial killer cuts the throats of many young men, leaving as his signature a pawn from the Roman chess-like game, latrunculi. When a slave of his own domus is murdered, Aurelius swears on the altar of the lares that he will capture him. Among the suspects are a champion at latrunculi, a funny editor, a carefree girl of good family, a shrewd boy and a strange maid claiming to be an adherent of Stoic philosophy. Sixth in the series. [not available for review]
7. Spes, Ultima Dea
originally published in Italian as Spes, Ultima Dea
In a German forest in 26 AD, a legion commander dies in a very strange manner, while awaiting an attack by the barbarians. One of the few survivors is the young tribune Publius Aurelius Statius. Twenty years later, a friend of Aurelius is killed in the Subura. The murder seems to be connected with the mystery of the commanders's death and with a series of fires devastating the Esquiline. The English translation of the title is Hope, Last Goddess. Seventh in the series. [not available for review]

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