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Founding of Rome:
"Investigating the Silvius Boys"

Foundation of the Republic (509 BC):
"The Fire That Burneth Here"

Consulship of Caius Marcius Coriolanus (?, 491 BC):
"Mother of Rome"

Consulship of M. Aemilius Barbula and M. Iunius Pera (230 BC):
Hamilkars Garten

Consulship of L. Postumius Albinus II and Cn. Fulvius Centumalus (229 BC):
Das Schwert von Karthago

Consulship of Publius Cornelius Scipio and T. Sempronius Longus (218 BC):
Verschwörung gegen Hannibal

Consulship of Spurius Postumius Albinus and Quintus Marcius Philippus (186 BC):
"Die Mysterien des Bacchus"

First Punic War:
"The Gift of Minerva"

Between the First and Second Punic Wars:
"The Favour of a Tyrant"
Hamilkars Garten

Consulship of Publius Licinius Crassus (Third Macedonian War, 171 BC):
"Thessalus IV"

Consulship of Caius Claudius Pulcher and Marcus Perperna (92 BC):
"Ill Seen in Tyre"
"O Tempora! O Mores! Olympiad!"
The Seven Wonders
"Something to Do with Diana"
"The Widows of Halicarnassus"

Consulship of Lucius Marcius Philippus and Sextus Julius Caesar (91 BC):
"The Monumental Gaul"
"The Return of the Mummy"
The Seven Wonders
"Styx and Stones"
"The Witch of Corinth"

Consulship of Lucius Julius Caesar and Publius Rutilius Lupus (90 BC):
"The Alexandrian Cat"
The Seven Wonders

Consulship of Lucius Cornelius Sulla and Q. Pompeius Rufus (88 BC):
Raiders of the Nile
Wrath of the Furies

Dictatorship of Lucius Cornelius Sulla (82-80 BC):
"Death Wears a Mask"
Roman Blood
"The Treasure House"

Consulship of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus and Quintus Lutatius Catulus (78 BC):
"The Lemures"
"A Will is a Way"

Consulship of Mamercus Aemilius Lepidus and Decimus Junius Brutus (77 BC):
"The Consul's Wife"
"The Disappearance of the Saturnalia Silver"
"If a Cyclops Could Vanish in the Blink of an Eye"
"Little Caesar and the Pirates"

Consulship of Gaius Scribonius Curio and Gnaeus Octavius (76 BC):
"King Bee and Honey"
"The White Fawn"

Consulship of Gaius Aurelius Cotta and Lucius Octavius (75 BC):
"Archimedes' Tomb"
"Death by Eros"
"Something Fishy in Pompeii"

Consulship of Marcus Terrentius Varro Lucullus and Caius Cassius Longinus (73 BC):
"A Gladiator Dies Only Once"

Spartacan Revolt (73-71 BC):
Arms of Nemesis
"The House of the Vestals"

Consulship of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus and Marcus Licinius Crassus (70 BC):
"Poppy and the Poisoned Cake"
SPQR I: The King's Gambit

Consulship of Lucius Julius Caesar and Caius Marcius Figulus (64 BC):
"The Cherries of Lucullus"

Consulship of Marcus Tullius Cicero (63 BC):
Catilina's Riddle
Gift of Rome
Murder Trials by Cicero
SPQR II: The Catiline Conspiracy

Consulship of Calpurnianus and Messalla Niger (62 BC):
SPQR III: The Sacrilege

Consulship of Metellus Celer and Lucius Afranius (60 BC):
"The Statuette of Rhodes"
SPQR IV: The Temple of the Muses

First Triumverate period (59-53 BC):
"An Academic Question"
Alexander und die Gladiatoren
Attentat in Pompeii
Der Flötenspieler: ein Kriminalroman aus der Zeit Kleopatras
Das Geheimnis der Amphore
Ich klage an
Rebellion im Circus Maximus
Der Sarg der Kleopatra: Kriminalroman
Skandal um Nausikaa
Der Sohn des Gladiators
Der Tempelmord: ein Kriminalroman aus der Zeit Kleopatras
Tod auf dem Forum
Tödliche Dosis
Der Verrat des Ambiorix

Consulship of Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus and Caius Julius Caesar (59 BC):
SPQR V: Tödliche Saturnalien

Consulship of Aulus Gabinius and Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus (58 BC):
SPQR VI: Tod eines Centurio

Consulship of Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus and Lucius Marcius Philippus (56 BC):
The Venus Throw

Consulship of Gnaeus Pompeius Maximus and Marcus Licinius Crassus Dives (55 BC):
SPQR VII: Der Fluch des Volkstribuns

Consulship of Marcus Messalla and Gnaeus Domitius (53 BC):
"Mightier Than the Sword"

Sole Consulship of Gnaeus Pompeius Maximus (52 BC):
"The Etruscan House"
Mord auf der Via Appia
A Murder on the Appian Way

Interregnum of Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius Nasica (52 BC):
SPQR VIII: Die Rache der Flußgötter
SPQR VIII: The River God's Vengeance

Consulship of Servius Sulpicius Rufus and Marcus Claudius Marcellus (51 BC):
Die Frau des Senators
SPQR IX: Die Schiffe der Kleopatra

Consulship of Lucius Aemilius Lepidus Paullus and Gaius Claudius Marcellus (50 BC):
Quintus geht nach Rom
Quintus in Gefahr
Quintus setzt sich durch
SPQR X: In Namen Caesars
SPQR XI: Mord am Vesuv
Most Delicious Poison
First Dictatorship of Caius Julius Caesar (49 BC):
Last Seen in Massilia
SPQR XII: Das Orakel des Todes

Second Dictatorship of Caius Julius Caesar (48 BC):
The Judgement of Caesar
A Mist of Prophecies

Third Dictatorship of Caius Julius Caesar (47 BC):
"Beware the Snake"

Fourth Dictatorship of Caius Julius Caesar (46 BC):
The Triumph of Caesar

Sixth Dictatorship of Caius Julius Caesar (44 BC):
"Cinna the Poet"
The Julius Caesar Murder Case
Meet Me at Philippi
"Una perla per Publio Aurelio Stazio"
Roman Shadows
"The Things That Are Caesar's"
"Three Meetings and a Funeral"
"The Will"

Dictatorship of Gaius Julius Caesar:
La esclava de azul
Die Feinde des Imperators
"Das Grab auf dem Forum"
Gallia Est
La Lágrima de Atenea
Des ombres sur Alexandrie
A Roman Death
"Venus in Pearls"

Second Triumvirate:
Eines jeden Kreuz
Gewinne der Götter Gunst
Tod und Spiele
Wisse, dass du sterblich bist

Reign of Augustus (63 BC - AD 14):
Attentat à Aquae-Sextiae
Auguste fulminant
Black Salamander
"Blind Justice"
Cave canem: Roman aus dem alten Rom
Dark Horse
Dream Boat
Der Geheimbund der Skorpione
"Girl Talk"
Golden Peacock
"A Good Report of the Worm"
I, Claudia (A Mystery: 13 BC)
Jail Bait
"The King of Sacrifices"
Man Eater
"Murderer, Farewell"
Le Prince posthume, suivi de "Les fils d'Arachné"
Die schwarze Lucretia: historischer Kriminalroman
Scorpion Rising
Sour Grapes
Spes, Ultima Dea
Stolen Oracle
Stone Cold
Virgin Territory
Widow's Pique
Wolf Whistle

Reign of Tiberius (14 - 37):
All Roads Lead to Zion
Bodies Politic
Caius, der Lausbub aus dem alten Rom
Caius geht ein Licht auf
Caius in der Klemme
Caius ist ein Dummkopf
The Case of the Damascus Dagger
The Case of the Dead Certainty
The Case of the Secret Assassin
The Case of the Vanishing Corpse
The Centurion
The Christ Commission
Clues for Armchair Detectives
Death of a Blue Hero
Death of a Vestal Virgin,
Detectives in Togas
Didymus Contingency, The
Flame and the Wind, The
Food for the Fishes
Illegally Dead
In at the Death
Last Rites
Lydian Baker
The Man Who Buried Jesus
Mystery of the Roman Ransom
No Cause for Concern
Old Bones
Parthian Shot
Le mystère du jardin romain
The Qumrán Mystery
"The Three Travelers"
White Murder

Reign of Caligula (37 - 41):
Finished Business
The Flame and the Wind
"A Pomegranate for Pluto"
Solid Citizens

Reign of Claudius (41 - 54):
Agrippinas Geheimnis
Cave Canem
Cui Prodest?
"Una dea per Publio Aurelio Stazio"
"Un'eredità per Publio Aurelio Stazio"
Falsches Spiel in der Arena
"Una filosofa per Publio Aurelio Stazio"
In Corpore Sano
Morituri Te Salutant
"Una moglie per Publio Aurelio Stazio"
Mors Tua
"Natale anno zero"
"La notte dei triumviri"
Parce Sepulto
"La prima inchiesta di Publio Aurelio Stazio"
"The Problem of the Emperor's Mushrooms"
Rubies of the Viper

Reign of Nero (54 - 68):
Agrippinas Tod
Anschlag auf Pompeji
Boudica and the Lost Roman
"The Boudica Killing"
Die Brandstifter von Rom
The Conspiracy
Dark Omens
Dogheaded Death
Flammenmeer. Tiberius Caesianus und der Brand von Rom
"Hunting the Lion"
The Ides of April
Leichtes Geld. Tiberius Caesianus und die Münzverschwürung
Numerius Meridius Pulcher and the Case of the Not So Virgin Vestal
Pompeii: A Conspiracy Among Friends
Pompeii: A Tale of Murder in Ancient Rome
Der Pompejaner
Rammsporn: Tiberius Caesianus und die Geistergaleere
Requiem for a Slave
The Roman Moon Mystery
Rome to Alexandria
Son of Heaven
The Third Princess (Septimus Severus Quistus)
Tiberius Caesianus und der Nymphenmord
Le Trésor de Boudicca
Die verflixten Fälle aus Ägypten
Die verflixten Fälle aus Gallien und Germanien
Die verflixten Fälle aus Griechenland
Die verflixten Fälle aus Pompeji
Die verflixten Fälle aus Rom
The Vestal Vanishes
Das vierte Buch: Tiberius Caesianus und der Nymphenmord
A Whispering of Spies

Reign of Vespasian (69-79):
The Accusers
Age of Treason
A Body in the Bathhouse
Les Calendes de Septembre
Le Cheval d'octobre
"The Cleopatra Game"
A Dying Light in Corduba
L'Epée de cendres
"A Green Boy"
The Iron Hand of Mars
The Jupiter Myth
Last Act in Palmyra
Marcus Aper chez les Rutènes
Marcus Aper chez les Rutènes
Marcus Aper et Laureolus
Le Masque de l'attelane
Le Meurtre d'Adonis
Mord nach der Vorstellung: ein Fall für Tillia Capriola
Mörderisches Rennen. Ein Fall für Tillia Capriola.
Ode to a Banker
One Virgin Too Many
Poseidon's Gold
Scandal Takes a Holiday
See Delphi and Die
Shadows in Bronze
Silver Pigs
Twelve Miles From Rome
Venus in Copper
Three Hands in the Fountain
Time to Depart
Two for the Lions
Les vacances de Marcus Aper

Reign of Titus (79 - 81):
Ars Moriendi
The Assassins of Rome
The Beggar of Volubilis
The Charioteer of Delphi
The Colossus of Rhodes
The Dolphins of Laurentum
The Enemies of Jupiter
The Fugitive from Corinth
"Il giallo del serpente"
The Gladiators from Capua
Le mystère de Pompéi
The Pirates of Pompeii
Pompeii: Hazard at Bay
La Porte d'ivoire
The Prophet from Ephesus
Rosso pompeiano
Der rote Rächer
The Scribes from Alexandria
The Secrets of Vesuvius
The Sirens of Surrentum
The Slave Girl from Jerusalem
The Thieves of Ostia The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina

Reign of Domitian:
All Roads Lead to Murder
A Bitter Chill
The Blood of Caesar
"The Brother in the Tree"
Buried Too Deep
The Curse Maker
Deadly Election
Enemies at Home
The Eyes of Aurora
"The Gardens of Tantalus"
Das Geheimnis der Essener
Der Geschmack der Tollkirsche
Get Out or Die
Ides of April
The Man from Pomegranate Street
Master and God
Nox Dormienda
Roman Games: A Plinius Secundus Mystery

Reign of Trajan:
An Affair on the Appian Way
The Bull Slayer
Caligulas Rache
Danger in the Wind
Freyas Fluch
Das Geheimnis des Mithras-Tempels
Jung stirbt, wen die Götter lieben
Mord im Praetorium
Rheines Gold
Search the Seven Hills
Verschwörung in Germanien

Reign of Nerva:
Mord im Praetorium: historischer Kriminalroman aus dem römischen Köln

Reign of Hadrian:
Caveat Emptor
Memento Mori
Murder Defies the Roman Emperor
Persona Non Grata
Semper Fidelis
Die Spur führt zum Aquädukt
Tabula Rasa
Terra Incognita
Vita Brevis

Reign of Antoninus Pius:
"Death in Vesunna"
Mars the Avenger

Reign of Lucius Verus and Marcus Aurelius (161 - 169):
The Cyclops Case
Das Dritte Schwert

Reign of Marcus Aurelius (169 - 180):
"The Case of the Empress's Jewels"
"The Case of the Garden God"
"The Hidden Snake"
"The Case of the Murdered Senator"
Roman Nights
"The Treasury Thefts"

Reign of Commodus:
"The Case of the Buried Chains"
"The Case of the Drugged Wine"
"The Case of the Etruscan Pin"
"The Festival of Cybele"
"The Case of the Honey Cake"
"The Case of the Frightened Poet"
"The Case of the Missing Slave Girl"
"The Case of No Conclusion"
"The Case of the Parthian Arrow"
"The Case of the Poisoned Shaving-Oil"
"The Case of the Senate's Gift"
"The Case of the Two Horses"
The Chariots of Calyx
A Coin for the Ferryman
Death at Pompeia's Wedding
Death in the Ashes
Enemies of the Empire
Germanicus Mosaic
The Ghosts of Glevum
Murder in the Forum
A Pattern of Blood
"A Payment to the Gods"
A Roman Ransom

Reign of Pertinax:
"The Case of the Greek Play"
"The Case of the Hidden Tablet"
"The Case of the Wasted Lesson"
Fateful Day
The Ides of June
The Price of Freedom

Reign of Julianus:
"The Case of the Yellow-Haired Spy"

Reign of Septimius Severus:
Indagine sulla morte di un schiavo
Il medico dell'Imperatore
Il medico delle Isole
Il sale in bocca
La Statua d'Oro – Claudio Galeno alla corte dell'imperatore
"The Case of the Bank Theft"
"The Case of the Bearded Man"
"The Case of the Beheadings"
"The Case of the Burnt Villa"
"The Case in the Camp"
"The Case of the Chariot Wheel"
"The Case of Chrysis"
"The Case of Corbulo's Trial"
"The Case of the Courtyard Games"
"The Case of the First Cup"
"The Case of the Fearful Perfume"
"The Case of the Golden God"
"The Case of the Goldsmith's Daughter"
"The Case of Hanno's Oasis"
"The Case of the Haunted Farm"
"The Case of Justice Served"
"The Case of the Last Skin"
"The Case of the Legion's Pay-Chest"
"The Case of the Lion's Claws"
"The Case of the Missing Baby"
"The Case of the Missing Head"
"The Case of the Murdered Babies"
"The Case of the Nest of Evil"
"The Case of No Conclusion"
"The Case of the Persian Ring"
"The Case of the Pleader's Notes"
"The Case of the Roman Banquet"
"The Case of the Pharaoh's Eye"
"The Case of the Roman General"
"The Case of the Senator's Farm"
"The Case of the Senator's Folly"
"The Case of the Servile Gang"
"The Case of the Two Soothsayers"
"The Case of the Unfinished Villa"

Reign of Caracalla:
"The Case of His Own Abduction"
"The Case of the Missing Corcyran"
"The Case of the Sacred Horn"
"The Case of the Talisman"
"The Great Tin Mine Case"

2nd century A.D.:
"The Ass's Head"
Der geheimnisvolle Römerwagen in Colonia

Reign of Diocletian:
The Fire Waker
Murder Imperial
The Water Thief

Reign of Constantine:
"In This Sign, Conquer"
Murder's Immortal Mask
The Queen of the Night
The Song of the Gladiator

3rd-4th century A.D.:
Aemilius Varro – Kommissar in Colonia
Fortunas Rache
Die Legion des Raben

Reign of Honorius:
"The Last Legion"

4th century A.D.:
Vettius and His Friends

Reign of Valentinian III (425-455 AD)
The Cybelene conspiracy
The Saint's Day Deaths
The Secundus Papyrus

476 AD:
"Last Things"


Reign of Justin:
Four for a Boy

Reign of Justinian:
"And All That He Calls Family"
"Beauty More Stealthy"
"A Byzantine Mystery"
"The Finger of Aphrodite"
Five for Silver
"Leap of Faith"
"A Lock of Hair for Proserpine"
"A Mithraic Mystery"
One For Sorrow
Seven For A Secret
Six for Gold
Three For a Letter
Two for Joy

Reign of Constantine V:
"Farmer's Law"

"Four Hundred Slaves"
"Merchants of Discord"
Mysteria. Menace sur le gladiateur
Mysteria. Passagers clandestins
Mysteria. Sabotage sur le Tibre
Mysteria. Le Secret du Domaine
Mysteria. Trahir ou mourir?

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