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Some readers of The Detective and the Toga have asked and others may be curious about what other mysteries I enjoy, particularly because I assign ratings for the the Roman mysteries. For the two or three of you interested and because it might be nice to keep a record for my own purposes, this page is the complete list.

For the most part, I will freely admit to choosing mysteries for their quality of Escape. Escape literature gets a lot of criticism, but as has been remarked elsewhere, think about it: who in the world besides prison guards tries to prevent escape? Anyway, escape from the mundane is the goal, not escape from loftier themes or challenging writing.

Escape comes in more than one type of package. An exotic locale is one way to do it, although clearly what may be an exotic locale for me is clearly another reader's backyard, and vice-versa. In any case, mysteries have been written about the city that neighbors mine, but you won't see me reading it, not unless it's exotic in the other way, that is exotic by time. Travel to another time is probably even more fun than skipping to another locale and I personally don't mind if it's via a modern writer detailing the past or a contemporary describing the settings with which he or she is intimate. The alert reader will notice that mysteries set in Ancient Rome skip both time and place.

Exotic by Time

Exotic by Locale Non-Exotic

Exotic by Time

Exotic by Locale


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