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Notations in square brackets attempt to provide a rating service for the interested reader. Ratings range from [★★★★], indicative of excellent mystery and historical value, all the way down to [] (don't bother).

If you have any additions to the booklist or can provide any of the information which is missing from this list, please e-mail to Richard M. Heli.

Happy reading!

Note: The Detective and the Toga was formerly The Sword and the Sleuth.

In terms of similar sites for Ancient Egyptian, Greek or Medieval mysteries. Mysteries Set in Ancient Egypt is a good bet for the first. For Medieval, please see Historical Detectives by Renée Vink. You may also like to try Nance Hurt's BrerFox list of medieval mysteries and cross-reference with Sue Feder's page for reviews of these same titles. For non-mystery Roman fiction, try Fictional Rome by Fred Mench et al., which includes reviews, but does not seem to have been updated in a couple of years. A similar site located in Germany, is Historische Romane über das alte Rom by Stefan Cramme. Finally, for the curious, there is also a personal reading list of non-Roman mysteries. Bonus feature: Board Games Set in Ancient Rome

The names of many generous volunteers follow (and what information they provided). Many thanks for the contributions!
  • Richard M. Alderson III - proofreading
  • Mike Ashley - Wallace Nichols & Anthony Price works
  • Jim Barker - Age of Treason
  • John W. Bierman - info on Classical Whodunnits
  • Michelle M. Biggs - other bibliographies
  • Jan Theo Bakker - the Italian novels [Ostia Antica]
  • Kate Birkel - J.M. Roberts
  • Thierry Bosch - the French novels
  • Kai Brodersen - Crimina
  • Joseph Casazza - French and Italian novels
  • Ted Champlin - Winterfeld novels, Wayne & Schuster
  • D. Comelli - French novels
  • Stefan Cramme - novels in Germany, France and much else besides
  • Susan Daniel - Albert Bell novels
  • Lindsey Davis - bibliography
  • David Emery - Synaulia music
  • Eli Eshed - DeFord works and The Riddle of the Red Wolf
  • Sue Feder - various [Historical Mystery Appreciation Society] [the mystery reviewer speaks]
  • Monika Ferrier - Mandino
  • Jane Finnis - her works
  • G. R. Hail - Harry Turtledove works
  • Orietta Hardy-Sayles - Murder Trials by Cicero
  • D. Hogan - the Barbara Hambly book
  • Heide Huber - creations
  • Lauren Jackson - the John Maddox Roberts books
  • Dean James - the John Maddox Roberts books
  • Lin Jenkins - a plethora of recommendations
  • Melita Kennedy - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Kishore Krshna - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Shai Laric - works of David Drake
  • Caroline Lawrence - her works
  • Antonio B. Leal - works of David Drake
  • Dennis Lien - much assistance with London Mystery Magazine, also S.P. Somtow
  • Kai Lindner - German publishing news
  • Ginny Lindzey - the Lindsey Davis website
  • Theresa Loong - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Helen Lovatt - mention of this site in Two thousand years of solitude: exile after Ovid edited by Jennifer Ingleheart
  • Bo Lundin - Swedish translations
  • Richard Lupoff - The Julius Caesar Murder Case
  • Bruce Macbain - link
  • Eric G. Mayer - his creations
  • Alayne McGregor - Canadian book sources
  • Ken Meltsner - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Andreas Möhn - his works
  • Doug Moncur - lots of great British publishing news
  • Danila Comastri Montanari - full bibliography of her work
  • Martin E. Morrison - other bibliographies
  • Jonathan Naughton - the works of Kel Richards
  • Leo Nellissen - the Dutch translations
  • Albert Noyer - his works
  • Eric Oppen - John Maddox Roberts
  • Jan van Puffelen - Dutch translations
  • Mary Reed - her creations
  • John Maddox Roberts - his creations
  • Stefano Rocchi - his and others' essays
  • Vasily Rudich - Benton, Mandino, Wentworth, Nèraudau
  • Jim Ruebel - The Conspiracy and The Ides of March
  • Steven Saylor - full bibliography of his many creations
  • Shauna Scott - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Jay Shorten - Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian and French translations, works of Jay Williams
  • Annie Sieberson - Past Poisons
  • Kelli Stanley - her work
  • Polly Stratton - Age of Treason
  • David Streeter - Saylor translations
  • A.C. Tassie - info on his works
  • Lea Tassie - info on Tassie works
  • Rita Y. Toews - her novel
  • Gil Torbeck - nonfiction bibliography, Spanish translations
  • Keith Turner - the Lindsey Davis novels
  • Paul Utiger - background on Charles Connell
  • Marsha J. Valance - The Theft of the Golden Ring
  • Ricardo Vigueras - works of Joaquín Borrell
  • Renée Vink - Jean d'Aillon novel, Dutch translations, French novels
  • Arthur Royall Whitaker - The Julius Caesar Murder Case

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